“I co-founded the world’s largest recruitment agency, Management Recruiters, International (MRI) and served as its CEO for 35 years. I have therefore been involved in relationships with tens of thousands of employers and even a higher number of candidates. Early on I recognized a certain gap in the dynamics that existed between recent college graduates (entry level) and employers. What I discerned and what exists today, is that these young people, coming out of college, are for the most part totally unprepared and incapable of presenting themselves properly to employers– and in fact ,they cannot forge the kind of connectedness that is so necessary in this process. This is the first book of which I am aware, that bridges the gap that currently exists. The authors’ backgrounds and experiences are admirably suited to the needs of the young people that they intend to reach through the publication of this book. In fact, they actually start with advice to the high school student and then move right into their college experience. They advise and the guide the student into an awareness of what they must do while still in school to bridge the gap that would otherwise stand between them and the position to which they aspire. They get into the meat of the matter, the concrete steps that must be taken, including even how the students should conduct themselves in an interview. There is also special attention paid to young women; also quite a bit of motivation and if you will, “self-help” of a very practical and valuable nature. If a high school or a college student were to ask me what should be the first step toward ultimately going out into the world and getting the job they want–I would refer them to this book.”
Alan R. Schonberg, Chairman Emeritus Management Recruiters International.
“From Diploma to Dream Job” was my personal career coach. I presented myself in a whole new light and found a CAREER instead of an hourly job.”
Azra Kalic Cleveland State University graduate
“You and your book taught me how to act in an interview and what and what not to say. You helped me feel relaxed and confident and I believe that eventually lead to my job offer. Your book also taught me how to structure my answers to interview questions to make them relevant to the field and office I was applying for. You also took a look at my resume and helped me realize that it needs to be tailored to the type of job I am applying for. You also taught me how to use my resume as a guideline for what to talk about in my interviews. Speaking with you and just refreshing my mind on some of your tips in your book made me feel prepared and confident in any interview setting. I rocked my interview because of you and it eventually lead to me getting the job!”
Alexa Lefton University of Wisconsin graduate
“The chapters on developing my brand and interviewing totally changed my perspective and gave me confidence. Thank you.”
James Reynolds University of Arizona graduate
“The concepts I learned from “From Diploma to Dream Job” inspired me to create a personal mission statement“ The concepts I learned from this book inspired me to create a personal mission statement early in my academic career, and this ultimately helped me to secure entry into a top university. I have networked with professors and have received several great opportunities for moving forward in my field by “minding the gatekeepers.” I strongly recommend this book for any young person at the crossroads of these important decisions.”
Galya Loeb Northwestern University student
“This book offers very valuable information for young job seekers. “
Terri Mrosko Employment Column Freelance Writer, Cleveland Plain Dealer
“Wow! What a fabulous book this is. Where was this when my children were going through this process? I have read many how-to guides, but “From Diploma to Dream Job” has everything, from applying to the right college for you, to maximizing your college years, applying to graduate school and applying for your first job. This is definitely a cookbook – nothing is left out. The authors have written lovingly from their own experiences, as well as from vast research on resume building, how to get your foot in the door, interviewing, networking, and pursuing flexible work option, and many other topics relevant to college, graduate school and career building. I particularly appreciated the section on different communities and what they may or may not offer to you, as an individual. I have been in a position many times over when students have asked for my advice, and I wish I could have referred them to this book. It is so timely to offer this kind of advice to young people today in this economic climate.”
Rochelle P. Ripple, Pd.D. Professor of Education Columbus State University, Division of the University of Georgia Columbus, GA