About Beth Kuhel

Beth is Founder and President of Get Hired, LLC. She advises students on how to bridge the gap from school to career. Beth is the co-author of From Diploma to Dream Job: Five Overlooked Steps to a Successful Career.

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Beth Kuhel’s Book

From Diploma to Dream Job: 5 Overlooked Steps to a Successful Career. The book’s advice (and my coaching service) will help young adults sort out some of the most commonly asked questions regarding their future. Find out how I can help you succeed.

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Left Right
“Kuhel and Artz’s “From Diploma to Dream Job” is an encyclopedia of tasks for those seeking an agile and upwardly mobile career path…”
Rick Morgenstern, Chairman and CEO Digital Authentication Technologies (Boca Raton, FL)
“This is the first book of which I am aware, that bridges the gap that currently exists. The authors’ backgrounds and experiences are admirably suited to the needs of the young people that they intend to reach through the publication of this book.”
Alan R. Schonberg, Chairman Emeritus Management Recruiters International.
“From Diploma to Dream Job” was my personal career coach. I presented myself in a whole new light and found a CAREER instead of an hourly job.”
Azra Kalic Cleveland State University graduate
“You and your book taught me how to act in an interview and what and what not to say. You helped me feel relaxed and confident and I believe that eventually lead to my job offer. “
Alexa Lefton University of Wisconsin graduate
“The chapters on developing my brand and interviewing totally changed my perspective and gave me confidence. Thank you.”
James Reynolds University of Arizona graduate
“The concepts I learned from this book inspired me to create a personal mission statement early in my academic career, and this ultimately helped me to secure entry into a top university.”
Galya Loeb Northwestern University student
“This book offers very valuable information for young job seekers.”
Terri Mrosko Employment Column Freelance Writer, Cleveland Plain Dealer
“Wow! What a fabulous book this is. Where was this when my children were going through this process?”
Rochelle P. Ripple, Pd.D. Professor of Education Columbus State University, Division of the University of Georgia Columbus, GA
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